Monday, October 20, 2008

new recipe for protein shake

Raspberry Mocha Protein Shake
1 1/2 cups chocolate protein shake (made with powder and water or coffee)* or a Chocolate RTD*
2 teaspoons chocolate sugar free instant pudding powder
2 tablespoons sugar free Raspberry syrup* - or to taste
1 teaspoon instant coffee crystals (if you didn't make the shake with coffee)
3-4 ice cubes

Pulse in a blender or food processor until smooth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

neurology appointment today

i saw the neuro pa today, she did a skid of tests in the exam room, pokes, prods, walk here, a reflex there. she ordered a cat scan so next thursday it set up but not a guarantee that the insurance will allow it, again. so please pray that i can get it done and they can find out what is causing these headaches. im soo tired of them.

Welcome to our new friends!

Thanks for stopping! Im glad you enjoyed the protein pudding from wed nite. 

Have fun surfing thru all the recipes, be sure to check out the archives as some of them may be in there, I think I put them on here in August.

Please feel free to email if you have questions.

I'm heading to the neurologist today at 10 am, I pray that they can figure out the headaches! I'll post what they find out.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


have been having headaches for a couple weeks, not sure what they are from, started before i got my new glasses/diff prescription. they are what i call migraines, not just a short time thing but lasting hours and sometimes all day or all night or both. this one is making me dizzy that i have right now.

am so mad, the drs nurse called saying that my insurance would not pre authorize a cat scan that was sched on this thursday.

my head aches more than it does not, and right now im sitting here dizzy and feel like im gonna fall over. our insurance policy is bare bones and id guess if i had an accident or illness not much would be covered either.

as i posted in my face book, i could just cry, tho im not sure it would help. prayers are greatly appreciated.  a friend thinks it could be the artifical sweetner, tho ive been using splenda for almost 2 years since surgery, why would it suddenly do this now? it could be hormonal or it could be something in my head physically. i was really hoping the cat scan would help us narrow it down more.