Friday, February 26, 2010

fri feb. 26

8 ish, usual breakfast minus the cottagy cheese

Thursday, February 25, 2010

thurs feb 25

8ish usual breakfast minus cottagy cheese (and yes I realize the cottage does not have a "y", but when I type it, it does)
coffee is brewing.
lunch, i had taco chicken, shred cheese and a bit of salsa.
supper I made everyone else french toast and I had a big train sf choc chip waffle with sf syrup. the waffles i make are not the full size, about 3/4 size. while it was tasty, it did not fill me up like a dense protein like chicken would.
i had a sf fudge bar somewhere during the day and microwave popcorn.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wed. feb. 24

usual breakfast about 7:30
couple pieces of string cheese before noon
note to self: do NOT eat mcdonalds mcdouble ever again! too greasy and not to mention there is a BUN! so the 1/2 mcdouble and 1/2 fries did nothing but make me feel yucky.
oh well
supper was more string cheese, more protein shake, and 1/2 a serving of the usual breakfast minus the cottagy cheese

I have plans to start up the exercising on March 1st. doing at least 3 days a week if not 5, walking. wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tues feb 23

8ish same breakfast
popcorn before lunch and the other half of my protein shake from yest
late lunch of rest of steak from day b4 and 2 eggs.
supper was about 3 string cheese sticks and a bag of cereal and peanuts.

Monday, February 22, 2010

monday feb 22

8ish usual breakfast having made a dozen eggs in it.

i tossed out all the rest of the sugar stuff in the pantry and made a big bag of all cake mixes and chips to take to church to the shopping cart for the food pantry.

1ish steak and eggs. nothing since breakfast cept coffee and flavored water. ok i just had 2 sf fudge bars (which are 1/2 of a full bar so i had a full bar's worth)

supper i had same as breakfast and cheated with a piece of cheezy garlic bread. not too bad of a cheat compared to last weeks slips.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday feb 21

8 am usual breakfast, need to make another batch of scram eggs for the next few days and buy some more cottage cheese.
tonite is the soup meal. 1 more batch of split pea with ham to make this afternoon.

i have discovered that i have a really hard time with temptation at gas stations, with soda and donuts. i have, however, decided a few things that need to be done in my life, and want this week to start them.

another horrible day. cookies, soups with potatoes in them, it went from bad to worse.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sat feb. 20th

breakfast at 8 am usual, however fell off the wagon right after with a bag of fritoes and a tootsie pop. eating right is a mental thing, you have to THINK what you are eating. sometimes its just habit. grrrrr.
tummy is rumbling now at 11. hopefully rest of day will be better. later tonite im making split pea with ham for a soup event at an area church tomorrow.

well things went down hill, lunch was at kfc, i had grilled chicken and a diet pepsi, and a chocolate bar. piece of string cheese

supper i finished the rest of the tbone from the day b4, had 1/2 of a slice of pepperoni pizza, sip of beer and i dont recall what else.
not a good day at all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Feb. 19th

8 am breakfast is the same most of the time, its just easiest to pop it in the micro and eat.
11:30 cereal and peanuts (there is a pattern here folks!)
12ish fudge bar, sf of course
2:30 turkey chili with northern beans made fresh this morning (was not that great cuz what i had didn't have that much turkey in it)
supper, i forgot when, but had a tbone, well 1/2 of it, with fried onions
and a soda :( i know boo hiss

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Feb 18th

8:30 same breakfast, and coffee brewing. i am not in as much pain today but around the waistband it is hurting. upper back is better right now.
10:45 had a sf fudge bar. so how many of you are reading my food journal besides Penny? LOL anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

12:30 lunch as the mex place in Kiel, El Camino. Yes, I had some chips and salsa and took the tortilla off my tostada and shell off my taco. yum!

3ish snack of bag of peanuts and bag of Kays cinnamon cereal

Last night kind of went way down hill. I made steak and shrimp for the family and after I had a diet pepsi and 2 cinnamon rolls.
tomorrow will be a new day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wed. feb 17

last nite sucked, i had bad back pains yest so went to chiro, it helped but got worse last nite again, had a pain pill cuz i could not stand it, and put heating pad on. the pain pill helped me sleep but i forgot to take my migraine med so woke with a migraine and more back pain.

8 am usual breakfast, while i am making deviled eggs for soup at church tonite. must go study sign language and the other classes, big test today and giving my talk tonite at class.

got a c on the test grrr. and had a handful of raisins, peanuts and about 6 m&ms (from trail mix) gonna go lie down on heating pad and have a sf fudge bar first. studied sign lang. am ready for class, weather is not cooperating was snowing.

2:15 ish, well i guess when you find something you like, eat it a lot. i think the chicken was grilled, or boiled, not sure, but i had cut it up into chunks, and frozen it. had about a cup, slathered with a wee bit of sgetti sauce and a ton of cheese, and broiled it in the oven. OhMyGosh! its yummy, burned the cheese a bit but added some of the Kay's Natural parmesan chips (crushed) to it. im full and not even done with it! see what a dense protein does to fill you up. i don't feel any better tho, cept the lunch is good.

2 pieces of string cheese on the way home from school, part of a protein shake.

supper was breakfast again and part of a cheese bun with pepperoni and sgetti sauce.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tues Feb 16

7 am breakfast same as yest. i made the dozen scram eggs with ham for the next few days.
now its been 30 min since i ate so i can start on the orange drink. i am bummed today due to some personal issues and trying to decide how to deal with them.

10:50 am having a bag of the Kaye's Naturals, the apple/cinnamon cereal and small pack of peanuts. wanted a crunch. making a pot of coffee, 2 scoops of highlander grog and 1 scoop of choc caramel all decaf.

1 pm finishing yesterdays protein shake

2:30 same as last nites supper the chicken, sgetti sauce and lots of cheese broiled till the cheese was crispy. I also had a spoonful of smashed taters and a couple spoonfulls of cheezy soup. and a bite of a roll. I think thats all :)

7:45 prime rib, 1 devil egg, a bacon wrapped water chestnut, 2 small slices of cheese, 1 slice of summer sausage, steamed green/yell0w beans, 5 mini carrots with dip, 1 meatball, a few bites of super thin cut carrot cake (thinnest I have ever seen a cake sliced about 1/4" if that wide), one bite of chocolate cake

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15th

My friend Penny suggested I blog what I eat as a diary so I am accountable and its kind of like a journal and we all know how much I "love to journal" (not!) so here I go :) (thanks Penny! are you journaling too?)

Monday, Feb. 15th
Breakfast at 7:45 am
1/2 cup scram egg
1 tbsp. apple mix (apples, splenda, sf butterscotch pudding, bit of lemon juice, cinnamon, all cooked in the pressure cooker for 15 min)
2 tbsp. cottage cheese

Also made one of my usual protein shakes, 1 scoop cookies n cream matrix, 1/2 scoop of choc matrix, 2 pieces of banana about 1" each, sprinkle of sf white choc pudding, some davinci and ice. made about a 20 oz shake, which I will later divide up into 2 servings.

Am going now to sort the bird category of the unmounteds so I can try to get my dining room table back. It's covered with rubber! Literally!

Later I will make a dozen eggs for the scram egg that I usually eat for breakfast, that will last me about 5 days, eggs are 99¢ a dozen at Kwik Trip right now! I stocked up for the deviled eggs I make for church's soup supper which starts this week with Ash Wed. services.

Midmorning I am drinking orange walmart brand of cl, and a highlander grog/choc fudge mix of decaf and skim.
11:30 2 pieces of string cheese

Lunch around 1 pm was more of my chef salad from yest. I had a hankering for turkey and salad so got a chef salad. It gave me 2 meals!

Protein coffee or most of one, around 5ish, then at 6:30 I had about a cup of diced chicken broiled with some tomato sauce and lots of cheese. 1 tsp of peanut butter cuz i was still "hungry" after and a sf fudge bar.
now i'll work on more of the orange fake cl and ice water the rest of the nite. did not get the walk with the stroller in cuz the school was busy with a tournament.
time for homework!