Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laurel's list of foods she is no longer going to eat--EVER!!

I figured its time to start typing the list instead of keeping it in my head. 

These are foods Ive tried (and no im not suggesting anyone who has had wls should try these; as I've said before my head is dumb sometimes and thats my 'excuse' for lack of a better word) and they made me sick or I got it thru my thick blonde (and ya empty) head, that they are not good for me so I will not be eating them ever again.

The list includes: 
•culvers custard
•mac donalds french fries
•diet pepsi (this was a difficult one for me, but I went without it for a couple days, had some and well yuck! it just didn't taste anymore and its got too much dieuretic properties for me, and it makes me crave other stuff so buh-bye!
•reeses peanut butter cups

there are others but since i didn't write them down, ive forgotten. will add as they come to me. 

Dumping is not fun, fortunately I don't need to visit "Chuff Corner" when I dump (corner in our town where we saw someone chuffing), but let's say im 'seated' for quite a while and of all the "side effects" or things I don't like about having had wls surgery, bowel issues are on the top of that short list. 

Have found that chatting with other wls friends, we can encourage each other or enable each other. Many of us who have had surgery are in the same boat; I am 2-1/2 years post op or 'out' and yes old habits come back, sometimes with a vengance, sometimes that dumb brain of mine (and id suspect of others but there are precious few who I would call dumb to their face, and of course I do that :) forgets im a bariatric person and oh let's just eat whatever. duh! 

Breads fill me up and I can feel da pouch swelling like a balloon. Well it probably doesn't really do that, but thats how it feels, so if i eat bread I should save it for the end of my meal.

We have 5 rules to follow, they are easy but our humanness makes them difficult sometimes. 
Protein first; water; vitamins; no snacking; exercise daily. Easy peasy right? not always!
im great with the vitamins, my labs are good. I'm usually good with water, tho I forget to drink sometimes, just like I forget to eat sometimes and then I'll get a low sugar cuz duh I forgot to eat, so I have literally 5 packages of string cheese in the fridge, most are in the freezer so they don't spoil, at all times. I try to have scram eggs on hand all the time but ok Im lazy and even tho I make 8 or 12 eggs at a time, which will last me up to 4 meals, and fortunately they don't go bad unless I let them go past 4 days, just reheat in the micro, that is an easy breakfast.
Been to the store several times this weekend and did I remember the cottage cheese?? NOOOOO!!

that's my fall back on food, when all else doesn't agree with me, I eat the cottage cheese sprinkled with some sf jello, usually strawberry banana flavor--yeah it looks gross but it tastes great. On the cruise in January, I had ordered 2 entrees to try and neither did it for me and the waiter was very concerned and asked what he could get me, i told him i had a touchy tummy and said I would love some cottage cheese. well Igor was a blessing, cuz he found some for me and I was fine, other than the sea sickness, thats the part I didn't like about the cruise, but some day I'll probably go again, but not soon!

Exercise is my major down fall. I have a new set of things to do from our trainer, M/W/F, 20ish minutes doing the strength then get yer butt on the mill for 30 min at 3.6ish mph and go go go. Im building up to the 30 min, did 24 then 26 min then the headache has stopped me from doing the exercises this past friday. Tomorrow I hope to get up and just DO THEM!

I don't hate doing it, im lazy as I said before and need to get back into that routine. 

The headaches, they are a mystery! ct scan normal, not even a cat in there! tho I am allergic to cats. the are not migraines, and today is day 7 of them. yippee. not as bad. Saturday I took a darvocet cuz they were soo bad, i was nearly in tears cuz im (pardon my french) freekin tired of having them! been to the neuro doc, and we've tried other meds, and she said you can come in and get a shot for the pain or try the darvocet. regular tylenol doesn't really help but i take it anyway. am seeing a chiropractor, which the neuro isn't too excited about having him jerk my neck but honestly that is helpful to me, and he doesn't jerk the neck too often :) so in the morning i will call him for an adjustment. 

the pain I call "machete" cuz thats how it feels, like that bit honking knife that will hack you thru a jungle, is stuck thru my head, lately behind my eyes, and today I told DH that it felt like the knife had swelled up so it was 3" round. imagine having that in your head! not fun. Sometimes its like the steve martin arrow, sometimes its right in the top of my head going down, sometimes it moves around. I went off one med cuz we thought that was causing the headaches, due to hormonalness (new word!) but I dont think that was it, but the neuro said give it another month. oh yeeeah! another month of pain. Most of the time i just ignore it cuz only relief I really get is going to bed and sleeping. And I can't really do that all the time can I?

The darvocet got me loopy (yes, for those who know me personally, loopier than normal) and dizzy and i could not drive and well I really don't want to take that too often. it says for severe headaches, ok 7 days in a row, lasting most of the day is bordering on severe, but when i took it it was nearing the 9 on the 0-10 pain scale so I took one. I don't like that loopy feeling.

So we shall see how the day is tomorrow. exercise, call the chiro for an adjustment, work on orders and swaps and whatever else comes my way.

Thanks for reading, this is a volume! Please holler if you have questions. Would love to hear from someone, I don't get many comments on here, but hope I am helping someone :)
God's blessings, Laurel

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Juicy Lucy's

Here are the juicy lucy burgers! on the grill is the top pic, you can see the cheese oozing out.
its just 2 burger patties with a piece of cheese inbetween. Mark eating his, and the cheese dripping out! mine and i barely ate 1/2 of it!! and Tina holding hers.

we saw it on man v. food, i bet a turkey burger(s) would be just as good or better!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Did my routine yest, am anxiously waiting on the trainer to email me my new routine, gotta email him a nudge :) then did the mill for only 15 min at 3.6 mph, i was just exhausted so gave up after 15. meant to go back but didn't. tomorrow is the next day to exercise so back i will go and hopefully get that full 30 min in pushing it on the mill!
went to the cheese factory and got more of their yummy string cheese. same price as at the grocery, diff brand than ive been buying but ooh so much more delicious!

5-25 new routine here, done tonite and 25 min on the mill. am tired but glad its done for the day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

saw the trainer yest

am still on track, tho i miss a day here and there, but he said try for m/w/f and off the other days. good plan, I gotta keep at it.

2 things that i find difficult 2-1/2 years after surgery: not eating stuff i shouldn't, to test myself and the bowels. I know if ya gotta p**p you gotta but there are days when it seems like that's all I do! sorry if thats tmi. i suppose its the body's way of adjusting at this far out. idk if others this far are going thru the same thing. the food issue, i just gotta NOT go for stuff i should not eat. sometimes its like being drawn by a magnet. i guess im glad when i get sick from them and add them to my list of "don't eat again!" the list is getting larger. hubby said soon i will have gone thru all the bad foods and only have good ones to eat LOL 

have a great day all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

back on track with exercise!

I think im back on track with my exercise.
going for every other day doing my trainers routine he set for me, followed by 30 min of cardio-on the tread or outside or biking tho the bike tires are still flat.
I did yesterday's at 10:30 pm, i had a second wind LOL
off today and then hit it again tomorrow.

am trying to de carb and get rid of the junk and NOT buy the junk. it is harder than i thought. please keep me in your prayers that I can do this. I want to get rid of that 20 i gained and get down to my goal weight or at least in the 160s, am 187ish right now, that is too much for my liking!

Have a blessed day all!