Friday, June 19, 2009

Ambulating fool!

Yup that'd be me an ambulating (walking) fool!

Went for a nice walk with a wls support group friend yesterday, but it was very buggy, to the point of "don't talk!!!!" lake flies yuck! but im glad im not squeemish about them or i'd have been in big trouble. We went across a former train trestle over little lake butte des morts (im sure i spelled that wrong) by neenah. at the far side are locks where boats go from one area to another. 

Today I went walking here in town with my friend Mary who we were neighbors with for many years. She has one of those cool recumbant bikes; my tires are still low from winter so we walked. 

I also weeded the rest of the garden, cut down most of the rhubarb, cut up all the stalks, even vacuum sealed 2 big bags for future torte making. A big bowl of it is in the fridge for making a Father's day treat. 

ok off to work on orders! whooohoo Today is my birthday and am having a sale on my other web page, take a peek if you are into stamping or have friends who are--think gifts for them!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carbs I ate today

1/2 cup fritoes at vbs with taco salad (ground beef, cheese, lettuce, salsa)
cheese popcorn
2 pieces of raisin toast

i know shame on me, but hey im actually JOURNALING FOR ONCE!!!!
any credit for that? i didn't think so, oh well there it is folks.

stay tuned for updates each day on my carbs that I ate (aka stuff i should not eat)

Something I've wanted to do....

is make a set of cards, similar to the old deal a meal cards, but with MY foods. The plan is to either pick at random or pick and plan ahead from this list to help me not deviate from what i should eat.

As a wls patient, i can eat protein, veggies, fruits. i do need to work on carbs, but as that's lesser of the evil vs sugar, im not gonna tackle it just yet. not a cop-out, just my way of doing stuff in an order that seems to be working for me.

so here goes the list of foods that I personally can, do, and like to eat. 

grilled chicken (patty or in a salad)
scrambled eggs (with ham and cheese; onions/tomatoes optional)
ground turkey (in various forms, chili, patties, etc)
cottage cheese
hard boiled eggs
chicken on da spit (rotissary)
string cheese (from the dairy not the grocery)
steak (not as often as pre-surgery) 

green beans

bananas (in my protein shakes)

to be continued...after vbs tonite :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Reflections on eating

i mentioned this to a friend the other day, that part of why we are not losing is what we are eating and not exercising. basic? ya but sometimes we just CAN'T do the basics (our 5 rules for our clinic).

its not brain surgery, its just making subs, my old manager at subway told me when i was hired. ok so that analogy can work here too, my wls friends and readers; tiz not brain surgery, its just following 5 simple rules. and i will be the first to admit im NOT perfect at it, by far, but i think realizing is a good portion of the battle. aa members admit they have a problem, which is a good start; so i do admit, i have problems, snacking and exercising. the rest i think i am doing ok at (vitamins, fluids and protein first), most times that is :)

Obviously if we (me or anyone else I know or you know or you for that matter) eat carbs that don't provide us with protein and fuel that our bodies now need, we aren't gonna lose weight, we may gain and we will be unhappy! 

Same goes for not exercising. ive been wearing my exercise clothes all day long and been busy and hope to get it in tonite b4 bed. if i don't exercise, i won't lose weight or stay or become toned, and of course be unhappy.

Ive heard and said myself, about every excuse there is in the books, or on the planet. but folks, thinking about exercising ain't gonna cut it! looking at the treadmill or the ball or the weights ain't gonna either.

getting off our a-double-s's and  ACTUALLY MOVING will help us. walking is an awesome exercise, so is swimming, i have friends who have pools and don't use them. not saying i would if i had one but i HOPE i would!!!! maybe i need to take some friends up on their offer to use their pools....

ok enuf babble for now. not much left for me to give up cept the carbs, i will do that but wanna work on what ive done now and keep not trying stuf (almost took a spoonful of dd's ice cream today then caught myself saying I DON'T EAT SUGAR!!!!) I gotta think and remember what I have given up recently (soda and sugar) and get that in my head as DON'T TOUCH THOSE!

Have a great weekend, dh and i are going to the brewer game tomorrow so i will get lots o walking in for sure!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tues support group

went to year out and beyond support group last nite, good meeting, we discussed emotional baggage. can't go into details but i am glad i went to that meeting. Afterwards went on a walk with a friend, then out to supper at mcdonalds, had the grilled chicken, tossed the bun, did not even have one bite of it!!!!!! did eat the lettuce, spot of mayo and tomato slice. 
Today just had chicken at the mex restaurant in kiel with hubby and am setting down to work on my card swaps and pages with a coffee and some pink lemonade, sf of course!
exercised using the ball and weighs this morning, then made some scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes for breakfast, and had a protein shake in there somewhere around exercise time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

water, water everywhere but too much to drink!

Yesterday i managed to get in 3 gallons of fluids; there is debate if that much is good or not, still getting input from dr's, nurses, dietitian etc. so scaling back today, pacing myself. 
decaf coffee, white chocolate mousse with choc protein powder is soon to be in the mug.
i will savor the coffee!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

tired and sweatin...

but ya i did the mill for 30 min this time, with one potty break :)
and drank the rest of yest's shake and now need to go make breakfast! couple hours late but thats ok. 
i tossed out one candy bar so far that was here in my office. now there's no sugar in here but me LOL
Im working on the new me, with a new week, and new attitude. 
Keep rooting for me friends!!!!

here's a pic of me that i just put on my facebook page, thought i would put it here too for the fun of it :) i had longer hair when this was taken. its from my mac's photo booth with a funky 4 shot colorful look.

More things to give up!

Last nite i decided after coming home from a friend's house at her son's graduation where i ate way too much and the wrong stuff, and having a low sugar before going cuz of what i ate then, that im giving up...



duh! slaps for me eh?

I guess sometimes you have to go thru the consequences to see that what you did to get those not so nice consequences are not worth doing any more.

Here's what I want: to be thinner, esp the spare tires/rolls that I have around my waist. I would love to start running. Altho first I really should work up to walking DAILY outside. I also have another strength goal that im not gonna share until I can reach that goal and then really freak people out with it.

Tiz a rainy day here but am gonna get my exercise clothes on, make a shake, and start in on the strength and weights on the ball and then hit the mill running.

A new day, a new plan, please keep me in yer prayers that I accomplish my goals for the day! Thanks!