Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday June 1st, 2010

Happy June first! I am starting again to get myself back where I need to be. I am bummed cuz I have gained and am near 200 again. I had to buy size 18 pants cuz the 14's did not fit anymore :(
that sucks, but its all my fault.

Had the usual scram egg breakfast, made a protein shake for later. Lunch was some chicken, a later snack was a bit more of scram eggs, and the rest of the chicken for the 4th meal. couple pieces of string cheese, 1/2 of the shake, and lots of iced coffee today! got another pot brewing now.

We went to the funeral of a dear little boy who was not quite 3 years old; Casey, who lost his battle with leukemia, but now is with God in heaven and suffers no more. What a beautiful little boy he was! The photos at the funeral home were so happy and his smile! He looks so like his mom Jenny, who was our neighbor--we met her when she was 5 years old. Please remember them in your prayers. Casey has an older brother who I believe is 5, Conner.

I would also appreciate prayers that I stay on track and can get this extra weight off and feel better about myself.

Ok gotta get going, have a blessed day!

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